Top-of-the-line valves.
Top-of-the-line valves.

KLINGER Ball Valves

Ball valves are modern shut-off valves which are very reliable in operation.

KLINGER Ball Vavles

Reliably sealed – inside and out

Ball valves are modern shut-off valves which are very reliable in operation. The circular bore guarantees a flow characteristic which is similar to a pipe. As there is no shut-off device in the flow, ball valves with full bore are piggable without any problems.
Due to the usage of standardised mounting flanges, the optimizing of operating torques and the high compatibility to different actuator designs and makes, our ball valves keep up with the increasing of automated production processes and the requirement of remote-controlled industrial facilities.

KLINGER Fluid Control offers five product ranges of ball valves which differ in three main features: nominal width range, construction and available end connection. The table below provides an overview on the available product ranges:

Product overview ball valves:

  • Heißwasser, Dampf und Wärmeträgeröle: in Kraftwerken und bei der Fernwärmeversorgung
  • Dickflüssige Medien: z.B. Bitumen (Erdölindustrie und Raffinerien), Melasse (Brauereien)
  • Flüssige und gasförmige Medien in Raffinerien und im Tanklagerbau (Kohlenwasserstoffe, Treibstoffe und Öle)
  • Flüssiggas und Erdgas
  • Pressluftversorgung in der Industrie
  • Staubförmige Medien: Zement in Anlagen und auf Silos
  • In der Papier- und Textilindustrie: Farbflotte, Kocherlauge
  • In der chemischen Industrie: säurebeständige Kugelhähne für chemische Lösungen (Säuren, Basen, etc.)


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